Upgrade to 2.0.17 - undefined functions

Started by dumah05, June 26, 2020, 06:25:30 AM

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Hi everyone,
I upgraded a SMF forum where I give some help, from 2.0.15 to 2.0.17.
The upgrade worked without problem, using the upgrade.php script.
Since then, the login function return an error:
Call to undefined function setLoginCookie()

I deleted the upgrade.php and the upgrade xxx.sql files as requested in the manual
I checked that the LogInOut.php was the new version in the /Sources folder. It is the new one, and the integrity is correct.

Then, I remove the all the cookies and session data from my browser, launched the index page and I got a blank page with an error:
Call to undefined function rebuildModCache()

The forum is  hxxp:motocultor-festival.com/smf/ [nonactive]

Do you have a clue where it could come from?


Ok, I'm going somewhere.
By an unknown mistake, the files SplitTopics. php and Subs-Auth had a size of 0 on the server, despite a success in FileZilla transfer (??)
So I'm checking all the file size now... Still some errors to chase.

Edit> Getting better, almost everything works now, as I found few other files where the transfer failed but was tagged as a succes. Only one error remains: the package browser in the Admin console. So far I have:

syntax error, unexpected ''' (T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE)


Ok, finally, solved.

Everything was linked to multiple transfer failures. What is strange is that the upgrade tool worked despite multiple files with wrong sizes, and also that the files were checked as "succesful transfer" in Filezilla.
Mismatches were in the default theme, core theme and sources folders.

Would it be worth to have the updater script to compare all the files recently uploaded on the server for the patch, with the official expected size? Or maybe a checksum or CRC control?