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So when can we expect YaBB 2.6.11 to SMF (anytime soon?)

Started by XHarrison, August 18, 2020, 08:24:51 AM

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There is always third parties companies but they charge a fee untested
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if the php version is the only issue at the moment....
sign up with a free host and upload your files and db the conversion and then transfer those files and db to your site
I know that allows to change php
I'm pretty sure also does, but they are currently updating things and I can't access my cpanel to double check
I've used these 2 sites in the past for testing purposes


Nope it's not just php it's also the converter which is outdated.

I'll report back and wait till they have a YaBB 2.6.11 or 2.6.12 Converter (could be a long wait though lol)

Just a shame no one has even come forward to make a converter as it's very important imo.

Thanks anyway guys.