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October 25, 2021, 05:39:53 AM


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Unknown Error! during upgradeto SMF 2.017

Started by alexander1974, July 01, 2020, 03:21:25 AM

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I tried to update my forum but i get the following error:

Executing: "Changing column names." (1 of 42)

Unknown Error!

Old version:
SMF 2.015

SMF 2.017

How can i resolve this problem?

Kind regards


there are no database changes you dont need to run upgrade.php.


Really :O
All that time I was not upgrading because of this error message.

That gives more questions:
1. How can I see in my database which version my SMF DB is to be sure?
2. What was the last version where a DB upgrade was necessary?

Kind regards


the last changes to the database were made i believe around the time 2.0 was released. it may have been before that not sure. no db changes i am aware of since 2.0 was released.


Thank you!
As suggestion: Maybe this can be showed when starting the upgrade.php?

I got another question:
Is there an error in my DB that this error is shown and can I foresee errors in the future?
upgrade.php worked fine (without errors) on my other forum (a small forum).

What is the reason there was no error message and in this large forum there was an error message?