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export 2.0.17

Started by JeanCremers, July 07, 2020, 05:17:47 AM

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I can't get sending mail working on 2.0.17.
My provider used to be helpful but seems that's gone downhill. So i was looking for a way to at least export the smf users database so i don't have to ask my 60 users to register anew. Anybody knows a way to do that? I searched for phpbb but they have only import working for an earlier version and that one seems not perfect on top.
At the moment it's a showstopper, either a forum without email or ask users to register all over.

Thanks for help.


You're suggestion i move to a new host? I might still do that but first i'd like to try some other things.


If smf refuses to send mail while phpbb does it right out of the box and i get no help i think my options are clear. What a letdown.


Well, if you're going to move to phpBB, why not ask phpBB for help? They'd know how to import users into their system better than we would...


SMF send mails no problem, it really is a server problem, have you checked your mail settings?  are they correct? does your host allow sendmail?  We can help you fix your SMF forum, but we wont help you move to phpBB.  Thats like asking in the apple store about how to use android.