Line Spacing Problem

Started by scuzzyone, July 07, 2020, 04:21:40 PM

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Hi. I searched the forum and was unable to find this specific subject covered. A couple hours ago, I did a completely new installation of SMF 2.0.17. I made some minor adjustments in the admin panel, but I have not installed any mods, smilies, themes, portals, updates, etc.

The problem I am having is the same as in my old SMF legacy forum. When I use the WYSIWYG editor with more than one paragraph, the software is removing the paragraph break for a single line. What I mean is that I'll type a line, and then hit "return" twice to start a new paragraph. However, in both preview mode and the final post, the line spacing from one of the paragraph breaks is removed. If I toggle the view to HTML mode, I don't have this problem.

I'm on Windows 10 and using the latest updated version of Firefox. I notice I'm not having this problem on this site as I post this.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


WYSIWYG is not enabled by default here, so you get the regular edit (which you're referring to as HTML mode) which does behave normally.

SMF 2.0's WYSIWYG editor is... not recommended. It's simply no longer fit for purpose and replaced entirely in 2.1 with a much better/newer editor.


I'm sorry to disagree, but WYSIWYG is enabled here. While I'm typing this out, I have the icon to toggle it and it is functioning properly.

I did disable WYSIWYG on my forum just to see, and it disabled the icon to toggle the feature.


he said enabled by default. that editor is not the default editor used on this site.


The WYSIWYG editor that is on my new site is what came with SMF 2.0.17, and it was enabled by default. So should I disable it and install something else?


Yes, it's enabled by default in a new install, it is not enabled here by default because in the 9 years since 2.0 debuted, it hasn't kept up.

You should definitely disable it and either run with just the bbcode editor that is baked in (e.g. here) or find one of the several mods that exist (often paid) to replace it.


Got it. Thanks for your help and for the explanation.