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Changing per USer Setting / Profile for all Users

Started by Sectomy, July 17, 2020, 04:15:26 AM

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is there a way to change the Settings of a Forum Profile for all Users ?
i just want to activate the Settings under Notification (Display Reply Message in the Email) for all USers, or maybe later something else, is there such an Option ?




I'm unable to understand which setting you specifically want for the user(s) to be enabled. But as an admin, you've the right and power to change the settings either for only one or all users. By default, each change in setting is applied to all users.

For Member Settings, There are a few areas where you can look into.

1. Admin -> Feature and Options: Most of the features are listed here. Checking/Unchecking will allow you to permit a user whether they are/aren't allowed to do something. i.e, Enabling custom titles, showing their gender in posts, etc..

2. Admin -> Members -> Permissions: You can set various permissions for user(s) and usergroup(s) depending upon what you'd like to do.

3. Admin -> Themes and Layouts -> Member Options: Here are some settings based on the theme that user's can access.

Enabling/Disabling the required Core Feature will also help you go more advanced.

Hope it helps!
Thankx to RebellioN