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Resize Image dont work :(

Started by Sectomy, July 16, 2020, 07:21:09 AM

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ive used different Mods:
Highslide Mod
Inline Attachment Mod
Automatic Image rotation 5.9

but, nothing works, if i attach an image with 1920x1920, its uploaded as 1920x1920...

and i dont know why..... is there any special setting or am i do something wrong ?
Runnin 2.0.17
Mods Installed:

Automatic Attachment Rotation (and Resize)    5.9    [ Deinstallieren ]
2.    SMFPacks WYSIWYG Editor    3.0.2    [ Deinstallieren ]
3.    Google Translate for SMF 2.0    1.4    [ Deinstallieren ]
4.    Hide Content    1.1.4    [ Deinstallieren ]
5.    Highslide Image Viewer    1.7    [ Deinstallieren ]
6.    Divine Smilies    1.0    [ Deinstallieren ]
7.    Pretty URLs    2.3    [ Deinstallieren ]
8.    SoLoSMiLeYS    1.0    [ Deinstallieren ]
9.    Sarcasmics smiley set    [ Deinstallieren ]
10.    Emotions Smiley v1.0    1.0    [ Deinstallieren ]
11.    SMFPacks Mentions    2.0.4    [ Deinstallieren ]
12.    Reason For Editing Mod    2.3.3    [ Deinstallieren ]
13.    Avatars on Board/MessageIndex    2.0.17    [ Deinstallieren ]
14.    Google Analytics Code    1.5.1    [ Deinstallieren ]
15.    Discord Web Hooks    1.0.2    [ Deinstallieren ]
16.    Descriptive Links    1.2    [ Deinstallieren ]
17.    SMF Optimus    2.6.5 [7.07.20]    [ Deinstallieren ]
18.    Egad Abstract Avatar Package    1.1    [ Deinstallieren ]
19.    Game Avatars Pack4    1.0    [ Deinstallieren ]
20.    EU Cookie    1.3.1    [ Deinstallieren ]
21.    Like Posts    2.2    [ Deinstallieren ]
22.    Simple Audio Video Embedder    5.1.2    [ Deinstallieren ]
23.    Ad Managment    3.5d    [ Deinstallieren ]
24.    Anti-spam by CleanTalk    2.31 is the forum url


Hi, if you post alot of images I would suggest looking at a gallery mod.

If highslide is not working you best asking in the authors support thread:

the author is active so will be able to help you better as sounds like issue with his mod
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You're far better off using css to control image size by my reckoning... it works 100% of the time. 

Insofar as rotating, if I'm not mistaken you need to have a server side function available to handle it such as ImageMagik or some such... im not familiar with the mod, but i can't see how it could do ot without such a thing anyway.

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Highslide Image Viewer
Post and PM Inline Attachments
Automatic Attachment Rotation (and Resize)

When these three mods are installed together in the order they are listed above and they are correctly configured they will resize images.
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