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Adding a Pic in Signature/ PM’s

Started by burd, August 03, 2020, 10:43:54 AM

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August 03, 2020, 10:43:54 AM Last Edit: August 03, 2020, 10:54:01 AM by burd
We used to add a pic of our cars in our signatures, when Photo Bucket tried to screw everyone, we stopped using it, and never will use that crap again, we now use the site uploader, but now no pics in sig, a pic host site is the only way to do this? also we can't put a pic in a PM.   Any ideas?
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It's the only way in unmodified SMF.

Mods exist to put attachments in PMs but it's usually a bad idea because it usually ends up with people doing things they shouldn't (and isn't really your use case), but nothing for uploading images for signatures.

What usually happens is that people either upload the images as attachments somewhere else on the forum and link them that way, or the people give them to the admin and the admin puts them on the server manually via FTP.
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You should be able to add an image uploader to your forum menu, there must be some aroumd.  I have one running on my family forum that I built from scratch some years ago, it allows members to upload images to forum subdirectory and displays the url for posting in [img][/img] tags.  I'm sure it's a security nightmare so won't give it to you, but should be able to find something decent that does same thing.
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Here's what photo bucked does to pics now if you don't pay.   This is his car in the sig.  I have the size set do it's small. 
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I advise you to create an account with an image host (ex: https://postimages.org/) and take the direct link that you will post on your forum between [img] tags.
It has the advantage of not making your server heavy.
if you have an account, it's private and if you want to use it on another site, it won't use your bandwidth.


You could use the "SMF Gallery" mod so members can upload images with their own albums. It has a built-in bbc img code that you and users can use in your sigs. ....and it's all hosted in your site.