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Snitz to SMF Converter Fails at 'Converting Members' Stage

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Hi All,

I'm trying to convert a long due for retirement instance of Snitz to SMF.  The environment is IIS/PHP5.6 and MySQL.  A blank instance of SMF is up and running and the Snitz instance also uses the same MySQL database server and database user.

When I run the converter I instantly get the following error:

Converting members... Unsuccessful!

This query:

old_id_topic int(10) unsigned NULL default '0',
old_id_msg int(10) unsigned NULL default '0',
msg_date bigint(20) unsigned NULL default '0',
type varchar(80) NOT NULL default ''

Caused the error:

At this point, no new tables or data seems to have been added to the SMF database.  I can't see any NULLs in the Snitz datbase members table, so I'm not sure what would be causing this.  I couldn't find much anywhere else in the SMF forums, so any suggestions would be extremely welcome.

Try this sql file

Thanks for the super swift response.

I replaced the SQL file that came with the Snitz-SMF converter with the one you attached.  I no longer get the previous error (and a 'lme_convert' table has now been created in the SMF DB), however the converter stops pretty quickly with the following message:

Converting members...Wrong value type sent to the database. Integer expected. (date_registered)

Going to be a lot of trial an error
Remove this line from the .sql file for now...
   UNIX_TIMESTAMP(REPLACE(M_DATE, '\0', '')) AS date_registered,

Thanks for the suggestion.  I had to step away from this for a bit, but I tried again with that line removed.  It seems that there's a general problem with how the converter deals with date strings from Snitz. 

After removing the suggested line, the same error appears on the next date-formatted string (last_login), and if that is removed, then on birthdate. 

With all three of those lines removed, the converter then stops with the following message:

Converting members...Field 'openid_uri' doesn't have a default value

I can't find any reference to that field name in either the SQL file or convert.php


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