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Snitz to SMF Converter Fails at 'Converting Members' Stage

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openid_uri is a field in SMF i belive smf_members table 
You can change the struture to allow null varaibles.

It looks like the original SMF setup script created several fields in _members which have a default value of NULL, but are also set to disallow NULLs.  Update all of those fields to allow NULL (plus removing any lines related to converting date fields from the .sql file) fixed the problem for members importing.

Of course, nothing is that simple. It now fails on the next stage  :-\

Preparing Conversion (part 1)... Unsuccessful!

This query:
REPLY_ID AS old_id_msg, 'msg' AS type, R_DATE AS msg_date, TOPIC_ID AS old_id_topic
FROM `fnetForum`.forum_reply
LIMIT 0, 200;

Caused the error:

That's a table not exist error looks like on forum_reply


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