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What's this supposed to mean? Should I be worried?

(Most likely mentioned before, but couldn't find it on the site, so if there's a link to that, please guide me to it)

It means the connection is not using HTTPS (for which the site owner needs to obtain a TLS cerificate), see f.e.

If you are the site owner, you can buy such a certificate for your domain, or use a free service like LetsEncrypt.

Thanks, will check it out :) So, it only happens in chrome?

I'm not sure and I can't test right now; I believe Chrome was the first to show the warning, but I think the other browser vendors followed.

You can test yourself with sites like

Sir Osis of Liver:
It happens in other browsers.  I don't see it in Firefox because there's a config option to suppress the warning.  It's really very annoying, but otherwise not a major concern.


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