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Curve template design for Mediawiki


Good afternoon. Please tell me how it is possible in the template for Wiki - "Curve" to make a menu at the top right and a logo link on the left, how it is done here -

Here is the wiki installed on my forum - [nofollow] . How can I make the top menu and logo?

Dear programmers and SMF-masters. This support forum has done it. So it is possible to do it.

What edits need to be made to the template "Wiki-Curve" - so that in the block "Mediawiki-SMF" the menu is displayed at the very top ?

Sorry for the persistence, but I really need to solve this problem.

add a customTopSection() method to the smfcurveTemplate class of the smfCurveTemplate.php file of the mediawiki smfCurve theme.

In that method you can echo your menu and logo's HTML code.

I have a code like this in my template:

<div id="top_section">';

      if (method_exists($this, 'customTopSection'))

      echo '
Where exactly, in which line should the logo and menu code be inserted?

And how does the menu code look like on this support forum? And how to make it to the right?

It's okay, I figured out how to do it. SychO, thank you for help!


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