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Having Fits With HTTPS: AArgggggh!!!!

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OK, let me try to explain where I am at...

1. I installed SMF V1.1.14

2.  I ran the yabb24_to_smf conversion script

3.  Ran the smf_2-0-17_upgrade script

4.  Created .htaccess file in the root of the server

5.  Ran the repair_settings script and changed all instances of HTTP: to HTTPS:

6.  Set image proxy to on in settings

No custom themes, with or without forum logo (forum logo stored in smf directory).  The only thing I have added is a paypal donate button in one of the news boxes with it's links as HTTPS:.

Went to and it said "CONGRATULATION. Everything seems to be fine."

Went to and got an A+

Went to and passed - results here:

I tried running install under HTTPS: but no matter what, when I entered the url for both install and upgrade it poped it back to HTTP before executing.

At this point I don't know what else to check...

link to the specific page with the issue so we can check further?

What exactly are you trying to "install"?

The forum is at the current version, HTTPS is in place, if you visit the HTTP version you get redirected... what is left that you think you need to do?

Illori - web site address is   Thanks for helping.

Arantor - I'm not trying to install anything, just trying to get the "Not secured" message to go away on the l/h side of address bar.  I have a few users that this is causing them issues connecting.

i cannot duplicate the issue.

do you have .htaccess redirecting to the https URL?
is there a specific URL that is causing the issue?


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