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Newbie help on theming - all advice welcome


Any newbie help and info on themeing would be nice. If any of the more experienced people wanna put forth some of it. Whatever you have, reading makes me grow so any advice and suggestions are welcome.
I understand that you can just make an outside CSS in most themes and change there colors and such without chaning the original theme. That sounds like the beginning solution for me to go ahead with.
Any of the themes have a kind of Newbie css file for easy change of colors? That would be neat. Like all the codes and all for this and that, maybe a little explanation - that would be helpful I think for Newbies and overall not bad for others as well.

each theme uses different css for different things, it's up to the creator
most themes based off of curve will have a lot of the same but still different in parts

easiest way is to find a theme that you like and install it

then using your browsers inspect tool start playing with changing colors and stuff, once you like it do the same edits into the css file, the inspect tool will tell you what file it is and what property....

My suggestion would be to start with a multi-colour theme, Even if you don't like it, that doesn't really matter for testing/educational purposes. You'll be changing things anyway, so presumably you'll be able to turn it into something you like.

The reason I recommend a multi theme is that they are usually made by splitting out the code for colours into separate files for each variant. I don't how how well any particular one will be commented, but variant files are usually comparatively simple, and your browser's dev tools are easy to use to track things down.


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