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Font problem in FF81

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Sir Osis of Liver:
Had a borked Firefox update from 81.0.1 to 81.0.2, had to dump the #@%!ing thing and reinstall from scratch >:(.  After much dicking around, it's more or less back to where it was, but font size in code tags is much smaller than it was.  I have text set to 110% zoom, that's fine for post text, but it's not affecting code.  Any idea what's causing this?

I'm on 81.0.2, but have no problems with code tag whatsoever. Not really sure what could cause such behavior though.

i use newest version of FF and dont have anyissues with this site

Looks good to me on FF 81.0.1
Any more specifics of your setup that may be causing it or an extension?

Sir Osis of Liver:
Code is displaying correctly, but font is much smaller than post text, wasn't like that in 81.0.1.  Had done a lot of tweaking in previous FF versions, but all settings were wiped when update failed.  0.2 seems to be rendering code somewhat differently.  Not seeing why font size should be smaller in tags.


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