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Simple Machines is pleased to announce the release of SMF 2.1 RC3. Bugs that were reported after the release of RC2 have been fixed and improvements have been made to security, stability, and performance. The many fixes and improvements include the following:

- Enhanced privacy policy support.
- Several important enhancements to PostgreSQL and MySQL.
- Multiple hooks added for handling data and/or presentation.
- Language files now uses sprintf() whenever possible.
- Theme enhancements/fixes.
- Improvements on Admin session checks.
- Enhancements on security: tokens, hashing cookies and better session handling.
- Multiple calendar fixes/enhancements.
- Better hashing system for the image proxy.
- Bug fixes for alert notifications.
- Added unsubscribe links for announcement emails.
- PHP 7.4 support.
- Several misc bug fixes/improvements.
- Download of posts/PMs/profile for GDPR.

This release is considered to be an RC (Release Candidate), which means that it is sufficiently functional, but that it has known and unknown bugs. These bugs do not necessarily prevent a release, rather they need to be addressed before the next dev cycle release.

SMF RC3 can be installed as a brand new installation, or an SMF 2.0.x installation can be upgraded to SMF RC3, however, please do note that there are no updates packages for any RC releases.

We highly encourage testing this version on local or development/QA environments. Testing the release will greatly help us in narrowing down, and focusing on, issues/improvements towards the Final release... However, we do not recommend using an RC package on any live installation and/or production forum due to the very nature of RC packages.

Finally, this announcement topic is not for support. Please use the SMF 2.1 support board instead.

A very special thanks goes to our code contributors, Teamies, and non-Teamies whose reports and pull requests have greatly helped us not only to reach our goals, but also to create/grow/improve our development cycle. 

Thank you for using SMF!

Kind regards,
Simple Machines

Thank you for all your hard work!


Congratulations and a big thank you to everyone who has contributed to making this release possible! :)

Nice to see progress.


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