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Upgrading to 2.1. RC 3

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Doug Heffernan:
Is there any reason as to why this forum has not been upgraded to 2.1. yet? I know that it is in the rc stage, but from what I have seen, it is customary for the forums to upgrade their community to the rc versions so the customers/users base can test it out thoroughly and help with finding bugs/security issues, if any, etc.

I was simply wondering why that is not the case with Smf....

This site has a lot of custom edits and add-ons etc. I doubt it will be updated until 2.1 is final. It's a big job to update this site.


I agree that the update is not viable.
But I insist that "not" being responsive has no excuse.

i believe there is a compatibility issue on the backend that has to be resolved before we do the upgrade. the server team is well aware and working on it.

Cool, cause the wysiwyg is awfull on the site.


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