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SMF 2.1 RC3 fresh stock install not able to login from mobile on localhost

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I am running the latest Bitnami MAMP stack on Catalina and using an iPhone 6s.

When accessing the forum via localhost from the iPhone, login in does not actually log in any user, even the admin. It just returns to the login screen without an error either on the phone screen or in the errors log. No problem logging in from the laptop, though. I have tried this from the mobile Safari and Firefox...

Additionally, trying to login from another laptop on the same network gives the same result.

Hi, I found that after upgrade to the RC3 the passwordSalt field on members table doesn't have the correct length. Check it and the users now can login without problems. Put a length of 255.

Checks the issue here


I checked the salt and it was correct, varchar (255). I deleted the forum and db, installed fresh, the problem remains the same.

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen:
A localhost install of anything at all without a defined public domain name, usually doesn't work outside localhost. Just how it is.
( Theoretically, using a _static_ public IP might work as well, but wouldn't really suggest that. )


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