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I have had a privacy policy using the GDPR helper module, but now I have switched to SMF 2.1 RC3 and wanted to use the built-in feature instead.

Does anybody know where the text is stored?

The "Registration Agreement" is stored as a file agreement.txt (and agreement.<language>.txt ) in the root folder of the forum on server.
It has support for <b> and <em>, and seems to treat any html header tag as bold, which is OK even though a tad simplistic.

However, the "Privacy Policy" does not unfortunately seem to support the same tags, and the file does not look to be stored the same place?
I even tried quickly browsing through the database tables to see if it is there, but did not find it.

I would love to see a way where changes and important parts of the policy could be set to stand out, and hope to find that the file itself would support html or bbcode.

I also tried to set the options to "Require new members to accept the privacy policy", but it seems that changes does not currently require users to accept the policy again?
(for now that is just as good, as the changes are only trying to make it easier to read).

Thanks for any help, and thanks for a great RC3!
The upgrade was a lot smoother than I feared!

It's stored in the settings table in the database. You can use BBC in it just like in a post. If you want raw HTML in it, try using the html BBC.


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