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Problem uploading attachments

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Tried to upload an attachment to a response in a thread on a  2.1RC3 forum (not mine)

I've advised the forum admins but meanwhile am wondering if it is a wider problem?

I am getting an error when I go to upload the file - it doesn't just show the image but a heap of html in red and an exclamation mark beside the image. And when I go to actually post, the image doesn't appear.

Anyone else having image attachment problems?

with RC2 I am unable to upload attachments. I select the file and press the upload button but nothing happens.
Still to upgrade to RC3 but planning to do so the next day or two.


--- Quote ---Anyone else having image attachment problems?
--- End quote ---

Yes - same problem here.

Any fix?

Thank you in advance!

This issue is fixed for me. I will let a Dev explain though so I don't give the wrong info.

OK - Thank you.


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