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BBPress 2.6.6 to SMF 2.0.17 - Success!!


I've just successfully converted a BBPress 2.2.6 forum to SMF 2.0.17.

I started with the BBPress 0.8.3 converter but as it's for an older version of BBPress I needed to update it to work with version 2.6.6.

I don't know how many - or which - versions of BBPress the forum I migrated has been through since it was created in early 2008 but the greatest challenges I dealt with were the variety of ampersand and apostrophe characters that sometimes needed to be escaped or converted and also multi-byte characters (eg: "Â"; "’"; "“"; '–' and 'â€') in the subject/body of some messages that needed to be converted (unfortunately I couldn't just use mb_check_encoding/mb_convert_encoding for every message as it messed up too many messages that didn't need the encoding converted).

I've attached a copy of the SQL script I used with 'convert.php' and it has the following features:
1.  Makes a copy of the BBPress 'users' table, replaces '&' characters in 'user_login' field with '&', and copies 'user_login' to 'display_name' for members that don't have a 'display_name' set;
2.  Copies the admin account the SMF forum being used for the migration to a table named 'members_admin' so that the SMF admin account can be reinstated following the migration (this removes the need to know the BBPress admin account name and/or password);
3.  Extracts the signature, avatar link, last login date and number of posts for each member from the BBPress 'usermeta' table;
4.  Sets 'id_cat' to 1 and 'member_groups' to '-1,0,2' for all boards;
5.  Converts image URL links to [img][/img] BBCodes, replaces opening [quote quote= BBCodes with [quote= BBCodes in all messages, added BBCode replacements for <b></b> and <i></i>, and only imports published topics/replies into 'smf_messages'; and
6.  Replaces multi-byte characters and smart quotes/characters with plain text equivalents.
7.  Extracts the number of replies for each topic from the BBPress 'postmeta' table.

I've also added some post-conversion tasks most of which are for stuff I haven't been able to work out how to do during the conversion process - these include:
1.  Reinstating the SMF admin account;
2.  Re-adding the '&' character that removed from the HTML ampersand and apostrophe entities in the value in the 'member_name' column in the 'smf_members' table;
3.  Removing backslashes that were added before single quotes/apostrophes and double quotes in member signatures, board descriptions, message subjects and message bodies;
4.  Add the board ID to all messages and the topic subject to all replies;
5.  Add the 'email_address' and 'poster_name' to all messages; and
6.  Create a 'poster_name' using the text 'Member ID' with 'id_member' when 'poster_name' is blank (This can happen when the member account has been deleted).


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