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Bar radius

Started by Oldwood, January 18, 2021, 07:14:04 PM

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Just a small issue but I just can't work out how its done - on most pages of the forum there are tables or blocks of text enveloped in a box with radiused corners.  I cannot find any reference to the use of the border-radius property or of images corresponding the the 5 pixel radius shown on the boxes used throughout the default theme (I'm aware of the maintab, mirrortab and modtab images but these are different in outline).  It is 12 years since I did any html/php/javascript programming so I've got a steep learning curve ahead of me but despite a forensic search of the various php, css and image files in the package I have not been able to find how these radiused corners have been created.  Hope I've not overlooked something really simple.           


would need to see exactly what you are talking about

could be the topslice and botslice or upperframe and lowerframe

which all are images and not actually css, it's part of the main_block.png

Sir Osis of Liver

 ^ This.  If you're in Curve, it uses a sprite, as do many Curve based themes.  You won't find border-radius in Curve index.css.  The title bars and backgrounds are defined by various bits of main_block.png.
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Thanks to both shadav and Sir Osis.  As part of my searches I had looked at the images in Themes/default/images/theme and remember looking at main_block.png but I now realise I didn't open it in a big enough window to see the ends.  I just did not see the horizontal scroll bar to indicate they were longer then they appreared.  My worst fear has been realised - I overlooked something really simple.  Thanks for spending your time in putting me right.