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SMF 2.0.18 Released

Started by Suki, February 01, 2021, 04:50:07 PM

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Herman's Mixen

@Shambles, This is just the topic for the announcement... Support goes true the support boards :D

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Quote from: Herman's Mixen on February 05, 2021, 05:09:38 PM
@Shambles, ...... Support goes true the support boards :D

That's doesn't even make sense.


as always this is just an announcement thread....all support should be made by creating a new thread in the SMF 2.0.x Support with your specific support issue(s)

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2.0.17 ---> 2.0.18 

easy, flawless, fast, upgrade.   :)

Did not see it mentioned, but you have fixed the problem where we could not clean out the administration log.   THANK YOU !   :D

Mine was 102 pages and I could not delete any of the entries.
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Great work. 17 to 18 done in seconds.
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Thank you for the new release.


Considering all the changes in 2.0.18 I was hesitant in upgrading but all went very smoothly and no conflict with the mods listed in my signature line. Great work Team.  :)
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Just popping in to say thank-you for this release.  :D

Took seconds to upgrade, no issues, now using PHP 7.4.



Gracias. desde el área en español

saben si solucionaron el tema de eliminar temas reportados? por ahi estaba viendo que lo solucionarían


Quote from: Dhayzon on February 12, 2021, 06:18:38 PM
Gracias. desde el área en español

saben si solucionaron el tema de eliminar temas reportados? por ahi estaba viendo que lo solucionarían

Este es el tema en inglés. Si necesitas ayuda, acude a la sección española.

This is the english thread. If you need help, post in the spanish board.
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Thankx to RebellioN


Will 2.0.18 be the final 2.0.x release?


Probably not. Depends what needs patching in future, but 2.0.x will be supported for a while yet.


Working well at (link removed) using PHP 7.4. Thank you for this update :D

Support Team edit: link removed as it's already in your signature.
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Rob Lightbody

Update completed, no problems.

Did it by just clicking the link that had magically appeared in the admin console.

On behalf of everyone who enjoys my forum, thank you.

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I thought it would give problems but I was updating several sites without problems in a few minutes and in some I really needed it, It's a great job, congratulations! :D
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"8: Undefined index: name" bug in error log still isn't fixed.  :-\


Quote from: user2020 on February 21, 2021, 04:04:12 PM"8: Undefined index: name" bug in error log still isn't fixed.  :-\

Please take that to here: Bug Reports

This isn't the topic for that.
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Great news, thank you! I just received an email from my hosting provider announcing that they'll stop supporting PHP 7.1 soon, so this was very timely. :)