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splitting up a 2.0 install and porting a single board to a 2.1 install

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... and the 2.1 site is already up and running, void of posts/members, though.

what is the best practice to extract and port over members and then the contents of a single board from the DB?

There is no "best practice" for this because it was never designed to be done....


what WOULD BE the best practice for accomplishing this?

it gets really complicated because tables are cross referencing.

members, topics, messages, settings, attachments (at the very least) and probably several log_ tables

but you don't want all of the topics, messages or settings tables.

there really is no GOOD way to move over only PART of the content.

is there an automated manner to port/copy it to 2.1 as a complete conversion- which then i will later prune the boards not needed?


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