2.0.18 <> bug with greater/less than symbols appearing in board index

Started by spiros, February 03, 2021, 03:54:56 AM

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For those who are impacted by this, the attached patch should help.  It's what I'm using on my site.

This is not an SMF-supported patch.  I am just sharing the fix I am using.  If this is addressed in a future 2.0.x release, this will need to be uninstalled before applying the patch for that release.

Hope this helps,
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Cor blimey, Shawn, this little bug required a considerably amount of edits. I can confirm it works well on my site.


Thank you for this fix.
We don't use the patch system since we have customized files that require manual merging.
Is there anyway someone could upload their modified Load.php or else just show me a block of the replaced code so I can more easily merge in the changes?
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Just read the instructions in the patch...

Although,  unless you REALLY screwed with the file contents,  the package manager is still the easiest way.

I have used the package manage rwith over 150 mods installed....

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