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2.0.18 Birthdate issue

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For those who are impacted by this, the attached patch should help.  It's what I'm using on my site.

This is not an SMF-supported patch.  I am just sharing the fix I am using.  If this is addressed in a future 2.0.x release, this will need to be uninstalled before applying the patch for that release.

Hope this helps,

Just gave it a quick run on a 2.0.18 test site, and I'm getting three failed tests on Profile-Modify.php. The test site has a few mods on it, but nothing that touches that file AFAIK.

ETA: Oh bugger. That test site is still 2.0.17. Hang on while I update it. :P

ETA2: Ok, works now. :D

Thanks for the patch...worked great! :)

ShA Oz:
The patch working perfect, thank you and best regards from México

Much Thanks
Works now.


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