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more database combination questions


this sounds trickier than it is/was....

* existing site/smf2.0.x
* exported entire db
* imported into virgin 2.0.18 on another domain
* pruned posts/categories/threads unwanted
* converted to 2.1rc3
* exported db
* uploaded to 2.1rc3 on yet another site. 
all went well.

NOW, I'd like to go back to the very first site and pick up the posts/threads that didn't exist at the time of that^ action. 

* the users are the same
* the avatars/attachments, board icons, even smiley's are the same
this means I want to simply add the tables for posts and topics... i 'think' that is all there will be to it... I mean, I'll have to go through the conversion process all over (already set up to do that with clean 2.0.18 set up), and then export that DB in 2.1rc3 form... but... at that point i'd be digging into the SQL and pulling out only the tables needed and appending them to the existing DB, right?

what am i missing?

Would I just be better off losing the posts made ON THE NEW FORUM and replacing them with posts from the old forum like I did in the first place?

Attribution of posts to users.
Last read posts by users.

Will not doing a recount recover that once the files are transferred?



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