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How can i disable Bot Attempt Stopped?


Hi there, I made a Forum Version: SMF 1.1.19. I want to deaktivate mails to the admin when a bot tried to register (Bot Attempt Stopped). So where I can disable this automatic mail?
Thanks for support!

sorry I can't help with that as I've never used smf 1.x

I would highly suggest updating to the latest version of smf (currently that's 2.0.18) as smf 1.x is eol and has security issues that have long been taken care of

after updating, make use of verification questions, using some decent questions (at least 15, 30 is best...setting it to show 2 or 3 at a time)
the better your questions are the harder it is for bots to register

Sir Osis of Liver:
That's not even a core feature, it's a 1.1 mod.  Do what the lady said and upgrade to current version.  1.1 branch went eol three years ago.


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