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1.1.13 forum update problems need help


i don't know where to go so i come here with hat in hand

we have a forum using simplemachines version 1.1.13 and we are hosted with hostmonster

we need to get the forum upgraded badly, i have not been able to do a backup for over a year now
and don't know why.

so my question is simply this

is there anyone here that could do the upgrade for our forum?  for a prepaid fee?

we are getting desperate and i am willing to pay for the service as i don't have a clue how to go about doing this

the forum in question  ""

any help would be appreciated
and if i have posted this in the wrong place, please either let me know or move the topic to where it is appropriate.

bob g

if you are unable to create a backup in your hosting account, you really need to contact your host, hostmonster about that because that's just bad customer service

as for the upgrade, well there are two options, but both should be done after creating a backup just in case

you can either use
and upgrade one by one until you are up to the current version

or you can use the large upgrade package
and then you will need to reinstall any mods, which since you are using 1.1.x you're going to have to reinstall some mods anyways

either way, before either upgrading yourself or paying someone else to do it, you really need to take care of your hosting issue to be able to create a backup first

It's not really worth going through the patches one by one, since the change from 1.1.x to 2.0.x will involve a large upgrade pack anyway. Less hassle to just do it in one hit for this particular case.

Re the backups: I'm wondering if the OP is trying to back up via SMF admin. That is known to fail once the database size gets up a bit. The site has 35,000 posts, and offhand I can't mentally convert that to db size, but I suspect it's getting to the size when the admin backup tool might play up on some hosts.

If it's just a case of learning how to do backups via cPanel (or whatever the host supplies) that should be easy to arrange.

ETA: Incidentally, from a quick look around it appears Hostmonster only gets good reviews from people who are making money out of promoting it.

Sir Osis of Liver:
Hostmonster. :P  Just helped another account move off them.

If you need assistance, drop me a pm.


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