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Finding dead links in forum posts?

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Rob Lightbody:
Hi there,

My forum's been going for 12 years.  I would like a way to find all the dead links that may be lurking in old posts?  Does anyone know an SMF-compatible way to do this?

The worst ones are where people have linked to an image that no longer exists, but there's links to websites that have disappeared too.



I don't believe there is any good, automated way to do this.

My search through the mods didn't yield anything useful either.

Lots of 3rd party tools do that:

Most free versions only check the first few thousand URLs they find then ask you to pay.  Good for smaller sites.

Google Search Console supposedly has this, but I can't find it...  I preferred the old version - Google Webmaster Tools - it was right there under Diagnostics...

Probably would have to build a tool to scan each message post using the database then find links/linked images and check first if the host still exists then second if the file exists.


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