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Custom Board Icon option in Admin live link as in .createaforum has

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Bob Clifton:
Tried it on another of my sites but nicht gute  :(

if you uninstalled these packages from admin and can't upload them because is already in the server,...

1. Make sure it's not installed in the forum.
2. Go to cpanel and find the Packages folder. I think those packages have no names but a set of numbers followed by .tar.gz or .zip ( That's how it shows in my own cpanel). If so the way I know what package is what, In admin current packages installed, when you hover under the uninstall button, you'll see the url popup either in the top or bottom of your browser with the full url that contains those numbers. That way you know what mod cooresponds to the package in cpanel.
3. Delete file but do not empty the trash bucket (just in case).
4. Install new mod.

Bob Clifton:
I will have to get back on this later and go see if I can find the package on my server /c-panel , Kinda unsure of myself there as it has been quite a few years since I messed with anything in it other than updating the dates on the copyright at bottom of pages ........
THanks for hanging with me and guiding me so far .\

 NOTHING in either forum shows any new package installed ?

Got doctors appointment for my damn carpal tunnel so got to do that now.

It's an SMF 2.1 only mod, it is not compatible with 2.0

Bob Clifton:

--- Quote from: SychO on March 09, 2021, 12:11:12 PM ---It's an SMF 2.1 only mod, it is not compatible with 2.0

--- End quote ---

I am running 2.0.18 and Thought that was the latest

So I am out of the Ball Park is why the mod would not install I guess .
So is there a mod like this for 2.0.18 or do I have to upgrade /sidegrade. redo what the hechk to 2.1 ?
Thanks for pointing this out

However .createaforum which is a smf variant I supose and I have no idea what version it is or what I have has this option and has been working for at least 6 years I know.

Just would like it to work with what I have on my own .com sites


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