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How do I log into SMF from my application?

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I saw a lot of posts in late 2019 addressing this but I also saw that a lot of updates were going to fix it. I'm still having issues with this. I use these programs on Site Ground. Can someone help?

I am trying to integrate my website and the forum. I want to do all the login/logout/registration from my website. Can I still do this with these deprecations or are they critical?

You might want to consider upgrading to a newer version of SMF as you're just a few versions behind (2.0.18 is the current version of the 2.0.x branch). I can't remember off-hand if you can upgrade straight to 2.0.18 or if you have to upgrade to each version in turn until you get to 2.0.18

Yes 2.0.18 works great with PHP 7.3+

Oops! I just double checked. SMF is using the 2.0.18 version.

I used the API from this link:

That API probably is not updated.


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