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"You were unable to login. Please check your cookie settings." After Registering


Biology Forums:

When members register, they are greeted with this error.

--- Quote ---You were unable to login. Please check your cookie settings.
--- End quote ---

Interestingly, they do get registered into the database, but do not get logged-in -- no activation is required on my website.

I've tried multiple things, including disabling and enabling local and global cookie settings, deleting browser cache, etc.

The same server has another SMF 1.x installed, but the registration works as normal.

Any suggestions?

Given that 1.1.x is well past End of Life and we no longer support it.... the only real answer is... please upgrade to a supported version

Biology Forums:
😆 The upgrade police arrives just in time.

Thanks for nothing... Also, if that's your go-to response for all 1.x inquiries, you're better off removing the board completely.

Peace ✌

Sir Osis of Liver:
This board remains active basically to assist forum owners with upgrading from obsolete, unsupported branch of SMF.  It's the best advice we can give you.


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