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how to convert from wordpress to simplemachines

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This post has the same question as mine, so hope it is OK to continue the post with my information.

I am looking into switching my site from WordPress to SMF.

I would create a SMF on a subdirectory for my site.

Then I would want to import my current pages, posts and comments to SMF.
(I have 150 pages, 2,176 posts and 2,320 comments).
I would leave the WordPress site as is, until the SMF one is operational, and then probably delete it, or maybe just mark all posts as diverted.

I would want each post to become a main topic on SMF and each comment would become a reply to that topic.

I only have 6 members to import, but I would also want to import 420 new members (from a csv list containing only the name and email address?).  These are the existing commenters.

Is this possible and is there an easy way to do this?

Thank you

I split your post to a new topic, as it's better to start your own when asking for help :)

as far as I'm aware, no there are no converters....however not saying it's not possible to do, but no one's created an automatic way as they are two different things, a blog and a forum....

you might find someone to do it in the Help Wanted (not for support) boards if you post for a paid job to have it done...that is if someone knows how and has the time....



I have been wondering if it was even possible, as what I have seen so far hasn't been encouraging.

One that said it could do it appears to have been abandoned about 7 years ago..

Well, WordPress is a blog. Smf is a forum...
Very different structures
So, no. There is no converter

At a basic level, a blog is really just a locked down forum where only a handful of people can start new threads (blog posts)


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