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Cannot delete board - SMF v1.1.21


SMF v1.1.21  php 5.6
 try to delete board, get
This is error message I get:
Maximum execution time of 45 seconds exceeded in ../RemoveTopic.php on line 352

There are no posts in the board.

I have :
tried logging out and in
run the repair function

Any suggestions on what to try next?



Yes. That is a helpful suggestion. I have been trying to upgrade but get errors there too but that is a separate issue.

Sir Osis of Liver:
It's not a separate issue, that's a borked mysql function.  Your server may be running a later mysql version that's not compatible with 1.1.21.  1.1 branch went eol over three years ago, it's obsolete and unsupported.  You need to upgrade to current version.  If you need assistance upgrading, here is where you get it.


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