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PHP version - Upgrading from SMF 2.0.18 from 1.1.21


I want to update my SMF install from version 1.1.21 (running on php 5.3) to version 2.

Do I run upgrade.php with PHP 5.3 or should I switch to php 7.x before running upgrade? Or should I do something else? Like switch to 5.6?

5.4 would be the safest for 2.0.18

After that you can bump PHP all the way up to 7.4

Thanks. I will give that a try.

if you have lots of mods then 7.2 and onwards may present a few minor issues for you.

I used PHP 5.6 and had no hassles and then moved to PHP 7.3 (Centos6 highest possible PHP level).

I also run a test system with PHP 7.4.

Note you lose all mods & themes on a major upgrade, e.g., from 1.1.x to 2.0.x.

I'd go right to 7.4.


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