Author Topic: Creating A Favicon For All Browsers And Android And Apple IOS  (Read 128 times)

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create an image of your favicon at least 260 x 260 pixels, if you can do a transparent background even better.

go to realfavicongenerator dot net

upload your favicon image, follow the instuctions and then it will generate all the cool icons. 

scroll to the bottom to generate your stuffs

it'll give you a zip file.  unzip and upload to your root directory

go to the theme directory you are using and modify index.template.php.  you should have a section a little bit after the top that starts with <head> and ends in </head>

copy paste the html crap they give you on the site before </head>

bam, done.  cool.

oh this is version beta 1 release candidate 3.7 of my first wannabe mod, haha

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