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SMF Database Error but There IS No Database!


I installed SMF to try it for a group that was considering a forum, however we've decided to go with BuddyPress instead.  As a result, I deleted the files, the database, etc. months ago, however, once a week, I keep getting the following e-mail:

--- Quote ---Subject: [Forum Name]: SMF Database Error!
Body: There has been a problem with the database!
This is a notice email to let you know that SMF could not connect to the database, contact your host if this continues.
--- End quote ---

Can anyone tell me how to stop these e-mails?  I'm not quite sure how they are still sending when everything I know is removed...

Well if there is no database, it obviously cannot connect - so the error seems to be accurate and to be expected. This means that the files of your SMF installation are actually still there somewhere and are being visited; these error messages trigger when someone visits the forum and it fails to connect to the (non-existent) database. So look in the folder where you've installed SMF and get rid of its files, and you shouldn't get that error sent to you anymore. :)

It's impossible that these are coming from elsewhere. The SMF installation itself sends those, it's not anything we send from here or anything like that.
If you're absolutely sure ALL the files have been deleted (and I do mean all of them), maybe check the headers of the e-mail to see where they're originating from. But everything you've posted currently indicates that you haven't actually (properly) gotten rid of all the SMF files.

I found a folder that doesn't seem to have any visible files, so I deleted that...we'll see if that helps!


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