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Using separate boards - new member workflow question

Started by citadin42, July 23, 2021, 01:38:51 PM

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Hi everyone,

I'm setting up a SMF with one board per (personal, private) subject. One person will be moderator for each board.

I want new members to join one board only.

So far my thought is to have them message the board moderator and ask to be added to that board.

Is there a smarter way to do this?


Few questions if I understood exactly like you imagined:

1. You want everyone, members and guests to see only 1 public board (Default board)? Unless added to 2nd or more membergroups?
2. How many boards would you like to have in total?
3. What are your plans with new members? Additional access to 1 more board + to default board, or you want to let them see more boards?

QuoteSo far my thought is to have them message the board moderator and ask to be added to that board.
Requestable membergroups
or Private membergroup with access to only single board, so you set per this membergroup Moderator of membergroup, and Moderator can add and remove members through MODERATE button.
Depends on what you will answer, I will give you more info after your response.


1- Since the information is personal, guests should only see the board explaining how to become members, and no other boards.

2- How many boards can SMF handle, by the way? Eventually it could grow to a large number.

3- Once a guest becomes a member, he needs access to one of the boards. My question is how to make that happen in the easiest way.
He could see all the existing boards, for example, and send a request to join one somehow,
or see a list of boards and each board's moderator then send the moderator a message.

Ideally the admin should not need to get involved and each board's moderator would give access to his board to the new member.
There should be no case where a member needs access to two boards.

Sir Osis of Liver

So you want new members to see all boards but not be able to access them until allowed by moderator?
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Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

I think this needs a bit of clarification. What is the actual purpose for this setup?
Do you want there to be actual per user boards, or just shared boards with per user access?
My first thought was that there would probably be better tools for something like this, but I'm not completely sure I understood the need here.
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ok so trying to wrap my head around this

you want one board to be public for guests to see

all other boards you want hidden until they register, at which point they can see the boards but not post in them (meaning that they can read all the posts in that board but not reply) and you want them to join only one of the many boards available to be able to post in.
sort of like joining a team....

what I'm thinking is
probably the easiest way would to be to
1) create a post in the public board listing the boards and a member group that they need to join to have access to that board
2) set up a member group for each board
3) for each board set the member group that you want to have access to it
Allowed Groups:
Groups allowed to access this board.
Note: if the member is in any group or post group checked, they will have access to this board.
the problem here is that if you want everyone to be able to see every board
4) Install the Joinable Groups mod (keeping in mind that this does not limit them to only one group, that would have to be something that the admin or moderators would need to keep an eye on)
which this mod can kind of help keep an eye on that Display Additional Membergroups

that's how I'd do it off the top of my head and no one can see the other boards that they are not in that member group


Everyone : thank you for the help, efk's excellent suggestion of requestable member groups did the trick.

We will post in the public board the instructions to request membership in the private boards, and the moderators for each board will grant access.

SMF is super huge but I'm wrapping my head around it slowly!