Minor issue: this forum causes crashed tab in Kiwi/Android

Started by Antechinus, September 17, 2021, 07:31:32 PM

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This is an odd one, and I'm wondering if anyone has some ideas about it.

I've been trialling Kiwi browser on Android. Sometimes has no trouble accessing https://www.simplemachines.org/ and sometimes, randomly, it will crash the tab.

It always crashes the tab if I attempt to access https://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php

This is odd, because it has no trouble accessing a lot of other sites, including PHP-based forums (ie: 2.0.x online test site, elkarte.net, phpBB 3.3 online test site). It apears to be something specific to this site.

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen

Does Kiwi keep any app logs you can check? If not, one can pretty much only guess.
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I'm not sure if it does. I had a dig through settings and couldn't find anything. I might try asking the devs. It seems like a handy little browser with some good features, so it would be nice to have it debugged.