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smf's facebook page header chopped off in mobile view

Started by camefromwpandmybb, September 23, 2021, 11:44:26 PM

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hey, everyone here has been so nice and helpful to me.  questions are answered quick, no talk downs, etc. smf has improved vastly since i used it a while back. i tried phpbb, vanilla, mybb, ugh to all. actually vanilla was the best but man, lacked basic features like admin getting emails on new registrations

i hope i am not stepping on anyones toes but i redid the smf fb header image so it will look good on both desktop and mobile view and redid the profile logo so it fits in the circle perfectly.  i run like 200 fb groups and 70 fb pages so i've narrowed it down to these image sizes to work well in fb

the header image is 820 by 312 with the image left to right 500 pixels, it'll look small on the deskop view but that is the only way to maximize the view size in mobile.  the profile logo is 720 by 720 with the image being 640 pixel wide which in most cases will fit perfectly in the circle (when uploading do not resize, use the smallest size)

if you don't use them, fine, but give it a try and see how it looks

thanks so much to everyone.

(i know it sounds like i'm going away to prison a long time and saying my goodbyes lol, no, just saying thank you.)
i hate wordpress, vanilla, mybb and phpbb