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Quoted Text Problems

Started by SethStudent, September 24, 2021, 07:28:40 PM

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I just updated my forum to 2.1RC4 last weekend. I've been loving the new look and extra goodies, I find something new every day. However, I've been having some problems with partial quotes. I don't know if these are known issues (I did search), or it's just me.

1. About a third of a time, the Quote Selected Text button does not appear, regardless of whether the text is selected from beginning to end, or end to beginning. A few members have had this issue. Sometimes I'll have to highlight text 3 or 4 times to get the button to appear.

2. If I triple click on text to select, I end up with two quotes. The first is a random word from the text, and the second is the quote. It's happened several times.

3. When saving the quoted text as a Draft, quote links are removed. Also has happened several times.I also tested on a full Quote (not Quote Selected), same thing happened.

4. If I go into Modify, the quote links are instantly removed. They are ok in Quick Edit. I also tested on a full Quote (not Quote Selected), same thing happened.

The only mods I have are Awesome Post Ratings, Quick Spoiler and Simple Audio Video Embedder. They are all working fine. No Error Messages. Default Theme. No language packs. Using UTF-8. Server info: Apache 2.4.48; PHP 7.3.29; MySQL 10.3.31-MariaDB-log-cll-lve;  OS linux

BTW I still have my trial run upgrade test site up, no mods installed. Same problems with quotes.

Diego Andrés

This has various issues logged on GitHub, and also has had some related pull requests merged.
Could you try the latest files from GitHub and re-confirm which of these issues are still happening to you?

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Thank you Diego, it has been so long since I posted this particular problem that I forgot about it. I subsuquenty (due to lack of response) posted it also in general SMF Community 2.1. @Kindred fixed via pull requests. For the most part, the issue is mostly resolved (still an issue when text is selected right to left). But after the fix, people now no  longer get email notifications of @mentions and topic reply email notifications are attributed to the email recipient rather than the poster. Not a big deal, but still something to be considered.