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Download Profile Data

Started by AndalayBay, November 29, 2021, 05:41:16 PM

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There's an option under Account Settings - Actions to download your profile data. Is there a way to disable this? How do I set it up if I want our users to be able to download their data? If I try it on my forums, I get an error that I don't understand. I suspect it's because the server doesn't allow writing to the exports directory.

I've checked the online manual and it doesn't even mention this.


This was specifically added to comply with legal requirements -- so no, there is no way to disable it.

If you tell us what the ACTUAL error is, we might be able to help
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Really? Why isn't it in IPS then? I just checked a site running IPS and there's no option for me to download my content there. They are running the latest version.

I don't think my host is going to be very happy. Mind you, I had to upgrade to 2.1 manually because they are only supporting 2.0.18 at the moment.

Anyway I'll have to play with it some more. The person who generated the error said he was just looking at his profile and wasn't trying to export it, so it might have been just a glitch.


IPS is currently having a discussion on that on their support forums. It's not a feature at this time.  One user is complaining because his legal dept is making him provide the info.  Only way to do it now is screenshots/pdf.  He's not happy...  Some folks there are saying profile info is sufficient for gdpr, & want to see the case history suggesting otherwise. 

(IPS is a paid forum, with a lot of commercial use...)
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Oh, I see. I find it particularly interesting because I've had forum administrators refuse to give us our content when we decided to switch forums. In one particular instance, the site was hosted in Belgium. I guess he can't pull that stunt anymore! I guess I'll have to monitor it and hope it doesn't take up too much space on the server. I tested it on our hosted site and the export works, so the error message was a glitch. I was modifying permissions and it was probably just a timing issue.

Yes IPS is paid and is removing features all the time. I think you've seen lots of folks moving over to SMF as they are fed up with IPS. I stopped paying for IPS many years ago after the upgrade to version 4 broke our forums and then the support people called me an idiot for having a forum (board) where everyone could modify other people's posts. It was a gaming forum that used to be popular in some communities.

Note to those moving from IPS: SMF is like IPS version 2 or version 3. They used to have board specific moderators. That was removed in IPS version 4. Now they only have what SMF calls global moderators. There were a lot of features removed in version 3 of IPS and even more in version 4.


Quote from: AndalayBay on November 29, 2021, 10:38:40 PMI guess I'll have to monitor it and hope it doesn't take up too much space on the server.

There are settings to control that: Administration Center ► Server Settings ► Data Export
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