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Started by Dave En Velo, January 20, 2022, 02:29:12 PM

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Dave En Velo

Is there a simple way to inhibit the display of the random News item until after the user has logged in?  I use a single News item so that the News message seen by my users is always the same.  I have recently realized that this News item is shown on the login screen and so visible to users who are not logged in.  What I would like is for the News item to only show for logged in users.

As far as I can see this is not a configuration option of the software, although it could be a configuration option of the theme I am using, although again I cannot see where.  At worst I could just hack at the code around login or a template but if anyone can suggest a more sensible course of action, or even the code to hack, I would be grateful.

  • SMF 2.0.17 being used, migrating to 2.0.19 shortly.
  • SMF Default Theme - Curve (2.0.14)
  • Core Theme (2.0.16)


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Dave En Velo

Dave En Velo

I see that my enquiry is a repeat of similar one a few months ago that I failed to locate in my initial searching, previous enquiry.

As suggested by Shades I had a look at the mod for  Advanced News and whilst it was written for version 2.0.5 it can be made to work for 2.0.17 with comparatively little effort.  See the support thread for actions necessary and many thanks to live627 for prompt support.