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Error in the management error log.

Started by Panoulis64, January 20, 2022, 04:46:20 AM

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I always have the same and unique mistake!

Error type: Unspecified
Apply filter: Show error messages only to this URL
URL; attach=81; type = avatarFilter application: Show only errors with the same message
8: Undefined index: html_headers
Apply filter: Show only errors from this fileArchive: /home/triglian/public_html/Sources/Subs.php
Line: 4982

The code at this point states:
4967:     // Maybe I want to add an exception, well verify if you don't want the mod in a determinated action
4968:     if (!empty($modSettings['drc_exception'])){
4969:     $actions = explode(',', $modSettings['drc_exception']);   
4971:     if (isset($_REQUEST['action']) && (in_array($_REQUEST['action'], $actions)))
4972:        $do_drc = false;
4973:     }
4975:     // First check if we want a message 
4976:     if (!empty($modSettings['drc_msg']) && $do_drc){
4978:     // Define the message
4979:     $drc_message = ((empty($modSettings['drc_title'])) ? $txt['drc_message2'] : $modSettings['drc_title']);
4981:     // This show a message if the "Show Message" option is selected
==>4982:     $context['html_headers'] .= '
4983:        <script language=JavaScript>
4984: <!--

Where can the error be and how can I correct it?


SMF version?
php version?
mod installed?

Since that code is not found in the core product (and indeed is a much higher line number than subs.php has by default), it looks like something that a mod added...   so I suggest checking with the mod author.

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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Good Evening.
Thank you for your response.
I have the version SMF 2.0.19

The mod are
1. Spiders Don't Increase Topic Views 2.0
2. Ultimate Menu 1.0.3
3. Hide User Names from Guests 1.1
4. Welcome Topic Mod 2.3b
5. Topic Viewers 1.0
6. Threads Participated In 1.0
7. Thank-o-matic 3.0
8.! For SMF 1.1
9. Simple Audio Video Embedder 6.0.3
10. ENotify 3.0
11. Disable Right Click 4.1.2
12. Alternate User Posting 1.0.1
13. Birthday On Register 1.0
14. Custom Copyright 1.0.4
SMF Gallery Pro 9.0b
16. Age And Location 1.0
17. SimplePortal 2.3.7
18. SimplePortal - Greek 2.3.5

My issue is Ostara
PHP 8.1

Question, is there a way to understand, from which mod, do you come?

Aleksi "Lex" Kilpinen


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