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sitemap issue

Started by selinamelez, February 17, 2022, 06:55:46 PM

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Hi everybody ive an issue which is very important to me

i have uploaded forum on my site *removed* but i m not able to see sitemap  how does it work ?

thnk you

Diego Andrés

SMF doesn't have a sitemap included with the features. You could install a mod from the customization site, to add a sitemap.
Although not sure many will be too enthusiastic to help a forum with the copyright removed.

SMF Tricks - Free & Premium Responsive Themes for SMF.


Following Steve's footsteps here, since you have decided to remove the smf copyrights and credit links from your site (and presumably any mod credit links), in essences you have stated that you no longer require the help from the community and thusly I am marking this topic solved and locking it.


Suurre, blame it on me.  :P     j/k

Seriously though, you beat me to it.  :)
DO NOT pm me for support!