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Issues with alerts

Started by chadon, March 12, 2022, 07:34:19 PM

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The Facebook plugin is gone but still no alerts.


So I visited the site in the screenshots... figured I could just look at whether cron.php was being visited by the network tab (which it was) and then just looked at the output.

It says:
QuoteSMF file version (2.1.1) does not match SMF database version (2.1.2).
Run the SMF upgrader to fix this.
More information.

Seems to me that might be relevant preventing it from running the queue and why it's not touched it in 10 days.
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Is cron.php 2.1.1 or 2.1.2?  What happens if you refresh cron.php with the latest from 2.1.2?
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Wow! You're good Arantor.

I uploaded a cron.php from 2.1.2 and guess what, alerts are now all coming.

The only thing I don't understand is why cron.php was never updated.

Thank you Arantor.


Glad it's working :)
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I have a new issue with alerts.

When i have new alerts, the "Alerts" tab on the top of the pages on my forum, shows nothing. I have to click on that tab then click on "All alerts" to view the new ones.
If I want to "delete all alerts", nothing happens as they are all marked as unread. I have first to select all, then delete all read alerts.

To make sure I am clear, I have the "Alert" tab showing no alert while I have the "show alerts" page showing 8 unread alerts since my last visit last night.


it sounds like you have something majorly messing with your system.... either a bad mod or a bad theme...  because I can not recreate

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Or it could be coming from my computer. My unread - all alerts on Simplemachines don't make much sense either.


Sorry, it does make sense. I have read the topics with Kindred's replies so they don't show in the unread alerts.

I wish it could work like that on my forum. I will try to disable mods, the theme is the default one. Thanks Kindred.