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Started by hungarianguy, April 02, 2022, 09:08:10 AM

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I think that it is time for smf to expand beyond the forum and add new exciting things like a pages system that  can contain simple content or more complex content like blocks and databases. More or less like tinyportal. It will be amazing if it was built in the software.


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Now I'm not on mobile, let me expand on this.

First up, there are plenty of valid uses for adding pages as subsidiary content to a forum. It has plenty of applications beyond the obvious - a bunch of things that you otherwise end up making into sticky topics, information you want to reference and keep current but that doesn't strictly have to be a topic, especially if you don't want to invite comments.

I also really think this is something that shines best if you can combine it with portal style blocks.

Following on from that, you could for example redesign the stats page to be a 'page' with a collection of blocks on it, making it much easier to redesign such things in the future.

In my particular case I not only implemented a pages system, I also made it possible to add a 'general page' to the main menu, the help menu and/or the footer (next to terms & rules). I would love to see pages being in the core in a similar way.

I'd take it further than XenForo does which essentially presents a page of content as if it's a board. It's functional but a bit clunky.

It's funny, I'm essentially finding myself advocating for adding a portal to the core - but this time, like last time, I wouldn't do it the way the portals do it. I'd really want to spent the time and energy making it feel fully integrated. The current portals have a curious habit of feeling like they're bolt-ons (which they are), when these things should feel like they're meant to be there, as though it's a natural extension of SMF.

I honestly believe that the people who are concerned about bloat wouldn't be worried if it were done intelligently because it would just be a single option in the admin panel that they don't use.
Holder of controversial views, all of which my own.


I use the EZ Pages A Lot, I agree forum software has stuck to the same old format for too many years, Although SMF Seems to be moving forward with the Mods System but there are basic items that most use that Would be nice to see as a core feature Pages being one of them.

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Pages,menu editor, basic portal blocks would be my wish list.
Menu editor now. Since with a lot of mods with hooks it is not easy to move around menu items.
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Ipb has a very advanced Pages System which has most, if not, all the features that are mentioned by @Arantor. It is a very useful thing to have imo. I do not think that adding this in the core will be considered as bloat. It will make smf even more powerful.


StoryBB has about 70% of what I outlined in that post (it's mostly missing an admin UI for pages/blocks integration but the underlying functionality is there).

It's really not that scary to actually build even if you add in the extra nonsense that fits the roleplay usecase.
Holder of controversial views, all of which my own.