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PostgreSQL versions supported

Started by Speculos, April 06, 2022, 12:07:58 PM

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Can you confirm which versions of PostgreSQL are supported ?

I have setup a forum with the latest version of PostgreSQL 14.2 on an official Docker image, and it seems to cause trouble.

Most of the trouble are with Mods so far so I guess this is not related to SMF directly.

I've notice that the libpq library is on version 12.9, does it means that this is the latest version of PostgreSQL compatible ?



I test in pg14 regularly.  SMF works great.  Blazingly fast...

Yes, unfortunately, some mods do not support pg for one reason or another. 
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SMF 2.1.1 supports PostgreSQL 9.6 and above. To our knowledge, there are no compatibility issues with more recent versions of PostgreSQL.

Regarding mods:
  • If you downloaded them from the collection of officially approved ones at, then they should also be compatible with PostgreSQL, because we require those mods to run all their database interaction through SMF's own database interface layer. However, it is possible that an approved mod will not be compatible with PostgreSQL, if it uses a query that relies on MySQL-specific features.
  • If you acquired the mod from other sources, all bets are off.

If you are having issues, open a new topic here to describe the problem, and our friendly support team will be glad to help you.
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Thanks for the quick replies.

I always download mods from here, and every mods are compatible with the SMF version I'm running.

I will consider MariaDB as a definitive database to avoid such behaviour, I'm currently testing SMF.

Can you confirm that the latest MariaDB 10.7 version if also compatible and if not can you point me to the most stable database/version to use with SMF ?



Pretty sure the last super-throughly tested version of Maria was around 10.4 but I've not seen anything on 10.6 be weird, I'm not running 10.7 in production anywhere yet so I haven't looked at what might have changed.

The main problem really is mods - even the ones that use the DB abstraction layer can sometimes break in unexpected ways when newer versions change things.

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CTE, group by's and missing indexes when using 'replace' are the common ones that could cause a head scratcher if not tested on pg
Maybe others surely but I don't know.

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"group by" issue got fixed in 2.1 by forcing in mysql/mariadb the strict mode,
which force mysql to be more near the standard which leads in less issue with pg.
replace got reworked with 2.1,
got some limitation in mysql setups.

cte exists on all pg supported version but not on all mysql version (use smf api to check if exists).