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Started by Smoky "Rider" Blue, March 15, 2009, 05:43:01 PM

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-Rock Lee-

Quote from: Smoky "Rider" Blue on December 09, 2017, 03:25:08 PM
Rock Lee, I appreciate your interest, but if you can not publish this mod on this site, I can not allow it.
I do hope you understand, but I want to have this mod available for everyone.
Thank you for the offer tho, and it is sad, your offer so far, is the only one I have gotten.

My English is not so good so I may not fully understand what are the rules or steps to follow in this site (I had some mod`s rejected, although I hope to send them back to see if I get them but it's not the case), There is a problem and I respect your decision. I will also try to continue helping with either code or translations and I hope someone will follow it, truly fulfilling your expectations!

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Smoky "Rider" Blue

Hello! :)

I hope the big family here is all happy once again and back to coding!
I see some new things.. but a ton that need to be updated.. gee!

Just wanted to say I am very pleasantly surprised my mod still functions on 2.0.15

Not sure if I am hanging around this time.. but I did want to say hello if I happen to still have friends here..
Funny how life can get in the way a bit..

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Hey Smoky, how ya doin now. :)


Just chiming in to say this is still working great on 20.0.19 !! It would be handy to have the ability to make it only apply to certain boards with a permission though!